Our ex vivo equipment

We have a range of sophisticated imaging systems

Bruker 2P+ in vitro multiphoton


  • 2 tunable lasers for simultaneous imaging and stimulation


  • A spatial light modulator (SLM) to stimulate multiple areas simultaneously


  • Fluorescent lifetime imaging (FLIM) to facilitate FRET or calcium imaging

Scientifica Hyperscope multiphoton


  • 1 tunable laser and 1 fixed wavelength laser (920 nm) for simultaneous imaging and stimulation


  • Fluorescent lifetime imaging (FLIM) to facilitate FRET or calcium imaging

Abberior Expert Line STED

  • Form of super resolution imaging that allows resolution of 30 nm in ideal conditions


  • 595 and 775 STED lines / Adaptive optics to reduce bleaching


  • 920nm fixed wavelength multiphoton laser to use in thicker tissue

Cytation 5 and Biospa for scheduled imaging of cultured cells

  • Allows scheduled imaging over weeks, cultures are maintained in incubator (Biospa) and moved by robotic arm to imager

  • Bright field, phase contrast, color brightfield and fluorescent imaging

  • Drugs can be applied during imaging sessions using injector module

  • LEDs and filter cubes for:

    • DAPI

    • YFP


    • GFP

    • CFP

    • RFP

    • CY5

    • CY7

Tissue slice prep area


  • Leica VT1200s vibratome for acute slice preparation


  • Sutter P1000 micropipette puller


  • Kent Scientific anesthetic equipment


  • Microfluidics fabrication equipment

Tissue culture prep area

  • Baker SterilGARD e3 Class II, Type A2 6’ biological safety cabinet


  • Eppendorf Centrifuge 5702 RH, rotary knobs, refrigerated, with Rotor A-4-38


  • Leica S7 E Stereomicroscope
    - 7:1 zoom with magnification 6.1x-45x (10x eyepieces)

Electrophyiology equipment

  • Molecular devices 700B amplifiers


  • Luigs & Neumann manipulators


  • National Instruments USB-6341, X Series DAQ Devices for use with WinLTP


  • Molecular devices Digidata 1550B0 DAQ also available to use with pClamp


Analysis workstation

  • MBF Bioscience Core Facilities Solution: 3D Suite
    Includes a suite of the following MBF Bioscience software with a mobile license:
    -Neurolucida 360 Studio
    -Vesselucida 360
    -Stereo Investigator - Desktop Edition
    -Stereo Investigator - Cleared Tissue


  • Huygens Essential Deconvolution software
    Includes Deconvolution wizards and batch-processor

    • SVI STED - Stabilizer optical option and SVI 3D STED upgrade/optical option as well as SVI Confocal optical option